We have a fantastic hardworking staff team at Uganda Hands for Hope. The majority are local staff with everyone committed to achieving our mission of supporting the most vulnerable children and their families.

Management Team

This group of committed people help to lead the organisation and work on the areas of programme management, donor relationships, fundraising and partnerships, communications, finance, HR, site development and strategy.

Social Outreach Team

These are the fantastic individuals who go into the community on a daily basis, supporting UHfH families who are facing challenges, identifying new vulnerable children, making sure that children attend school, initiating livelihood projects and organising various health related activities.

Teaching Staff

Our dedicated teaching staff manage over 200 children each day and help them to develop confidence, key skills and a sense of right and wrong. Apart from providing education, our teachers also work closely with our social outreach team to monitor the welfare of the children we support.

Support Staff

The backbone of Uganda Hands for Hope is undoubtedly the support staff. They feed over 200 children and all staff members everyday, make sure the office and classrooms are clean and safe for everyone, and ensure the security of Uganda Hands for Hope.